An Ode to Boishakh

For ever with my heart’s allegiance to Boishakh

And with the unquestionable trust I bow

To the unspoken grandeur of this month.

I know when the warmth turns into heat

People may turn their face away, the thirst

Makes them annoyed on this first Bengali month

When the fiery balls and scorching heat makes

Marks on human skin. But despite all these,

Boishakh is awakened in my heart for ever .

Boishakh was the warm aspirations

Of the Falguni February when

The fearless Bengalis spoke out their Language.

Boishakh was the dynamic move

In the marches of the month of March .

Boishakh brought the warmth of freedom

Amidst the coldest month of December,

And gave the Bengalis, the first taste of liberation.

Boishakh , like Tagore is the traditional Banyan tree

Under the shade of which my own world is enlightened.

The wings of my imagination are colorful now.

We defeat sudden challenges of the Boishakhi Tornado.

The poverty in the watered rice and the abundance in Hilsa fish

Contrasts, and yet ironically complement each other.

The first day of Boishakh is an extended truth to us .

It goes beyond the arithmetic of Book keepings.

And brings forward an aesthetic pleasure of reaching

The roots of our culture and tradition.

Translated from the Author’s own poem in Bengali named , বিশ্বস্ত বরাবর বৈশাখের প্রতি

Copyright@ anis ahmed

15  April, 2021


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