Born Again

The dazzling Delight
Wrong or right
Has now sunk under quicksand
As I stroll on life’s beach
Trying to get His reach
He pushes me on to the land.

In plights and prayer
Often like a strayer
As I move from post to pillar
Wishing He sees me
Though I lost the key
Waiting for my mind’s reader.

My heart aches in pain
Amidst sunshine & rain
He does see me, but I don’t
Sometimes I feel anger
Perhaps it’s heart’s hunger
He distracts me but I won’t.

No, not in gravely dark
Or in silent stark
Would love to see him in starry sky
I know the distance
And in all instance
He remains up above and high.

Suddenly in a stroke, I woke up from dream
And happily found him in my soul’s stream

copyright@Anis Ahmed, Maryland
17 September, 2020


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