Time & Timeless Truth

Wasn’t it ages ago
Or was it last week
Perhaps last month or year
…. Does time matter at all
Is love bonded by time.
Perhaps it is borne by time
‘cause a timeless truth it is
To which the walls vanish.

Do you remember the tiny balcony
Which could accommodate you and me
And perhaps a little tea table
Along with a couple of cups
Often you and I would sip simultaneously
You enjoyed the warmth of the tea
I felt the cold in cup’s edges
Similar to your irresponsive lips.

A cloud of silence shrouded us
Neither wilderness nor whispers
Ever broke the serene silence
Till I quietly parted in pains
And you waved in a robotic way.
I knew you never differed, never ever
In your proverbial indifference
You were not ignorant, yet you ignored.

What made me sojourn to the balcony ?
Perhaps it was like a pilgrimage
To a Goddess who like a statue
Remained serene and serious in silence
I chanted my words of worries and warmth
It was only when you occasionally smiled
I could see a flash of flesh in the stony statue
And that melted my heart for a while.

Now that you’re gone
In a timeless truth
And that I am confined
Within a calendar of confusions,
I can only walk up the stairs of memory
And knock at the door haplessly
Until I realize you and I live
In worlds parted by grounded graves.

In a proverbial garden now you stroll and smile
I stay in a thorny bush, hopefully only for a while

copyright@Anis Ahmed, Maryland
19 August 2020


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