Wishes in Woes

It was an endless walk
In the streets and avenues of Manhattan,
The crowd and the corona
Combined in a queer congestion
Gave me pleasure unsurmountable
And within a wink of an Eye
I was close to the Statue f Liberty
Raising my hands for Freedom .

And standing on the borderline
Of dream and Reality
Realized I, it was merely a sleep-walk.
Fortunate is the Statue herself
Which walks not, sleeps not either
Only sings the song of Liberty
In serenity and silence
While I am shaken and shackled.

Neither in sleep, nor in dream
My self wants to walk in reality
The Crownless Corona controls
And I fail to fathom my freedom now
It has melted in dreams like creams
On my toasts, and now I feed on
Immeasurable imagination
Aspiring for mere respiration.

Let me have the Liberty that I have lost
For I would like to live at death’s cost.

April 19, 2020
Copyright@Anis Ahmed


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