The Past & the Future

Lost in the Riddle of Time
I often get confused.
I would have rather preferred
A timeless globe
In a flawless flow
Where the time knows no bound
Nor the humanity.
Where we all are happily lost in oneness.

Through the last nineteen years
We remained imprisoned
Inside the divisive cage of destruction.
The dream of Globalization
That ushered as the Millennium Sun
Rose on our thought’s horizon
Soon got Shattered into pieces
And bewildered we became wild in Wars.

Religions were represented badly
So was Nationalism sadly
Pseudo-Religious & Ultra-Nationalists
Had a handshake over cups of blood
Rejoicing in their ulterior union
While making millions homeless
Shattering the eternal concept of unity
Sharply they slaughtered the entire humanity.

Now dawns the second decade of the Millennium
Let’s tune on a fresh into a harmony of harmonium.

December 31,2019 .


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