December Defeats Deception

December defeated the deception for ever
That had engulfed us over two decades
Our people were befooled, religion exploited
Imprisoned we were by polluted tricks of politics.
And at last, amidst the cold wintry afternoon
Came the warmth of victory when the barbaric power
Bowed their heads in front of forces of Freedom
Who shed their blood for the liberty of the land.

Nine nightmarish months, we waded through blood and tears
The hyenas sucked our blood and raped our mothers and sisters
Villages were turned into heap of ashes, rivers reddened in blood
Bangladesh was for the moment enveloped in deep darkness
But the forces of light eventually were there at the end of the tunnel
The flower of truth blossomed, as the winter of despair faded fast.
The frosty afternoon of December sixteen soon outshined
And ironically the twilight ushered into a dawn of delight.

Forty eight years into freedom, as we celebrate the victory day
Let the flag of freedom flutter high up for ever that’s what we pray.

December 6, 2019
Copyright@ anisahmed


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