Wishes in Woes

It was an endless walk In the streets and avenues of Manhattan, The crowd and the corona Combined in a queer congestion Gave me pleasure unsurmountable And within a wink of an Eye I was[…]

The Past & the Future

Lost in the Riddle of Time I often get confused. I would have rather preferred A timeless globe In a flawless flow Where the time knows no bound Nor the humanity. Where we all are[…]

Rhymes of the Time

As the curtain is about to fall In the last of our “teen” years Let’s come out of the divisions And to humanity, let’s lend our ears. Can we be a little more matured now[…]

December Defeats Deception

December defeated the deception for ever That had engulfed us over two decades Our people were befooled, religion exploited Imprisoned we were by polluted tricks of politics. And at last, amidst the cold wintry afternoon[…]


( Translated from Rabindranath Tagore’s poem পরিচয়) Once upon a time, the spring wind Made my boat anchored at this bank. You all asked me, “ Who are you? And where are you going to[…]

Echoes & Voices

It’s quite quiet everywhere The voice is silenced Freedom choked Like the barbed walls of a prison Standing between the mountains I can hear the equal echoes Of pains and pangs; Pleasure evaporates into pains[…]

Seeking to See You*

Waiting for you my Prophet Holding an empty bucket For you to fill in with your blessings That can lighten up my soul. I know, you know my heart aches for you And endlessly my[…]

Relations Hyphenated

Like hyphenated words You and I have never felt disjointed Although we are remarkably different You stroll by the sandy beach And follow the Einesteinian footprints I sit under the shadow of old Banyan tree[…]

Verily, the Vow

Like a new born baby The year comes with the proverbial innocence It comes with a wide blank page Which can be inked with the rhymes of love It comes with blank cheques in our[…]